My Artist Of The Week – “Justin Nozuka”

The artist I choose for this week is: Justin Nozuka.

First and foremost, I know I have been absent for the past two weeks, and I apologize. I was away on a trip, and I had no steady connection available. I do hope that never has to happen again. And because it has, I decided you guys (yes, the 2 of you reading this) deserved something more from me. And that is why, for the first time, I have gone out of my comfort zone and worked at a fairly new angle on this article. For the first time, I have – surprise! – chosen to write about a male artist instead of the usual (more preferred) female artists. And that is because Justin Nozuka is probably the only male artist worthy of it.

I discovered Justin Nozuka in July 2008. I remember I was away for the summer, and I was talking to one of my friends online and she insisted I give his song “After Tonight” a listen. When I finally did, I liked it, but I admit I only listened to it a few times and then for some reason just stopped. She talked to me a few days later, asking if I was “addicted to Justin” yet, and I laughed and said she was giving him way more credit than he deserved. Shocked that I still haven’t listened to anything else by him, she gave me a link to his song “Save Him” and annoyed me until I gave it a listen. I listened to it with no expectations whatsoever, which was probably the reason why I cried like a baby and got goosebumps all over my body the first 20 times I listened to it. I didn’t know I was about to listen to one of the best songs ever sung by one of the most amazing singers out there.

What I love the most about Justin Nozuka is how strong his lyrics are and how sincere and passionately it is he sings them. It’s very rare to see a singer sing as well live as he does in his recordings. Justin Nozuka brings life to each and every song he sings, and the way he is when he’s singing his more intense songs will have your skin breaking out in goosebumps before he even starts talking. And his voice is so mesmerizing, you won’t be able to stop listening to him for weeks.

My favourite songs of his are: “Save Him”, “If I Gave You My Life”, “Mr.Therapy Man” and “Criminal”. The lyrics I loved most are:

If I gave you my life,
Would you let it slip,
Through your fingers like water in the dessert
If I gave you my heart,
In the deep of the night,
Would you hold it like a candle giving you light

From “If I Gave You My Life”

She loves him more, he loves her more
Seems like they ain’t ever let each other go
Laughing and kissin’
It’s a match made in heaven
Behind the rings on their fingers
Imprints the ink deep in the inner
That has stained their souls together now
Stained ‘soul mates’ forever now

From “Save Him”

I didn’t expect to see no rain
But there it was
pouring off of your face

Why, why did he let you go?
All I know, is he must have been crazy
And how, could he have let you go?
All I know, is he must have been crazy

From “Why”

Fortunately, I was able to find many HQ videos of his on YouTube. I do hope you enjoy them!!

If you liked him, visit his Official Website.

Or follow him on Twitter.


5 thoughts on “My Artist Of The Week – “Justin Nozuka”

  1. Amazing. I can’t believe he’s so young ;p .. he has great talent and soul. I totally loved Criminal. The others are good too. u need to check on Ray LaMontagne I bet u will like him too. Well done 7allo u totally surprised me and did a great job. Anyway, if anyone interested in Justin’s album here it’s : enjoy ;)

  2. Dude, of course I know Ray Lamontage ;)

    Empty is one of my favourite songs ever!!!!

      1. Looool Zak, he’s awesome bas you know I gotta go back to what I do best ;P

  3. He looks so God-damn adorable! :3
    I loved ‘Save him’, “Mr. Therapy man” and “If I gave you my life”. I really liked the lyrics too, and how easily-soothing the songs are. Great choice! :)

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