Must Watch – “Real Late Starter” Cover

I don’t usually post random music videos on my blog, but I came across this one and I just couldn’t let it go by unnoticed! A few months ago, Nerina Pallot, one of my favourite artists, started a competition on YouTube saying the person who best covered her song “Real Late Starter” will get to open for one of her shows in London. Now, I don’t know who won exactly and I haven’t listened to all the covers, but I saw this one video that literally took my breath away and left me goosebump-ful. Her voice is just amazing and her bizarre choice of instrument makes it all way too beautiful.

You MUST watch this.

Enjoy and leave your comments!


6 thoughts on “Must Watch – “Real Late Starter” Cover

  1. wow. she caught me off-guard at 0:52.
    mashallah she has a unique voice, so beautiful.
    :) thnx for sharing

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