5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hello Hala and a very Happy New Year!

    I have started working on an exciting new project and seeing your passion at the Ted Conference in London, would love for you to be part of the short intro video!

    The Project itself will deal with creating a new social vision for mankind and I am putting a short clip together with people from all over the world saying just one line after the sentence ‘I dream of a world …’ – so whatever that might be for you personally!

    The one liner could be a word or a sentence and could be filmed on a phone/ no professional equipment required, preferably showing a specific location/ recognizable landmark in the background, but is not a must. Also, the line should preferably be said in your native tongue but again it is a matter of preference, not a requirement.

    I would be ever so happy if you could confirm by Monday 9th January 2017 if you interested in taking part, as well as your line.

    Please see below for some examples of topics. Of course, it can be something totally different which is close to your heart!

    Thanks and have an amazing weekend!


    drug abuse
    food safety
    gender equality
    global warming
    misuse of social networking
    animal cruelty
    religion-based dicrimination
    global warming
    ending hunger
    sustainable agriculture
    social unrest
    political unrest
    reducing waste
    world population
    family breakdown
    sex related issues
    human rights violations
    child labour
    eatif disorders
    gun control
    tax reforms
    health care reform

  2. العالم اجمل مما تتخيلين
    العالم سيء للسيئين ام الطيبون فهم من يستحق ان يبقى في هذا العالم
    فكرت الموت لم تكن غائبة عن الأصحاء
    بل ان الموت كان قريباً جدا منهم
    فكم من صحيح مات من غير علةٍ .. وكم من سقيمٍ عاش حيناً من الدهر.
    عيشي وقتك
    عيشي اللحظة
    عيشي متعة المرحلة
    انتي افضل مما يظنون
    انتي اقوى مما يقولون
    انتي ارقى واجمل مما يشوهون
    هذا الوقت سيمضي ..

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