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Hala Abdullah is an autistic poet, performer, and intersectional feminist. Since the age of 15, Hala has only ever been able to find solace in writing. At 18 – desperate and lonely in her passions – Hala started the first Riyadh Writing Club with the help of her best friend, in search for solidarity and inspiration. The Writing Club provided a safe-haven for female writers in the country’s capital and encouraged them to dig deep in their literary and self-discoveries. Throughout the years, the club expanded to Jeddah, Dubai, and Kuwait, and have organized several poetry/literary events in the region. Having found that she likes performing her poetry as much as she does writing it, Hala delved into the world of spoken poetry and grasped at every opportunity to perform her poetry on stage.

As a late-diagnosed autistic (diagnosed at age 30), Hala has been on the quest to raise autism and neurodivergence awareness in her close circles and on her public platforms. Through the essay series “Finding (my) Autism”, Hala narrates her own experience of coming to terms with an autism diagnosis so late in life, and what that has meant for her in terms of healing and leaning to unmask and live authentically.

If you’re still curious, check out these interviews:

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39 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Strange, I am not an Arab, but I was brought up in Saudi Arabia too. Jeddah though.
    You write really well.
    Love your stuff! =)

  2. hey salam
    was followin u on twitter bt ur nt followin bak anyways i hope ur dad get well soon !!!

  3. pancakes & butters is here to bless your page with my comment. im really loving your page looks very P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L. Now that i have finally blessed your page is perfect.
    fortune cookie says today is a special day for someone close to you.

  4. I usually don’t reply on blogs .. especially on “about Me” section.. but I have to admit. you ,with your way of writing made me.. I like the new style of you. people often write unneeded details in their about me section like address hobbies majors and year of graduation.. not using these information made your “about me” way more interesting and beautifully mysterious. keep the good work up. your blog is so bookmarked in my browser and I will check it up for time to time. I am starting a new blog soon. well, soon means when I figure out a name and what I want to write about. xoxo MeeDoo

  5. Why hello there Ms. Abdullah,

    I happened to be surfing Last.FM when I came across your profile, I usually don’t linger on people’s profiles whom my music compatibility is “Low” with but your WordPress link caught my eye, and the fact that you’re Saudi Arabian. (I’m not, I just grew up there.)

    Being a fellow blogger myself, I was curious how you wrote and I must say, you have a very unique style of writing, a very grown-up style, and I don’t mean it the boring way, just maturity-wise. I mean that as a compliment obviously.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    Ps. How come I don’t see any posts about books? I believe the stereotype of (personal-life) bloggers goes as follows; Loves music and must recommend something at least every other post, should mention which book he/she is reading in every other post, and possibly brag about fancy new experiences to their friends stuck in Saudi.

    Or is that just me?


    1. Mr.Abdurrahman
      Thank you very much for your kind words (:

      About the books.. I used to be a huge bookworm once upon a time – before I started writing. But since I absorb from real life when I write, I found writing and reading simoultaneously to be a tough task, so I dropped the books.

      And about “fancy new experiences” lol, well they’re just not my thing :P I started this blog not to bore people with my silly day-to-day experiences, but to keep myself writing productively.

      And.. I don’t know.. I could never even keep a diary haha. I’m too boring that way ;P

      Again, thanks (:

      1. You are most welcome.

        I know what you mean, there was a time I read 4 novels a month. It’s almost impossible to find enough time for that now. In a way, I’m thankful for having other priorities. I’m assuming you’re a poetry writer?

        Oh wow, way to offend your guest. You implying I bore people with my day-to-day life experiences cuz I’m a personal-life blogger? How flattering. Kidding, I know what you mean. I don’t really write for myself anymore, just a way for my friends & family to know what I’m up to. Not entirely sure how I let that happen. Sad really.

        So, what’s your aim in writing? (Professional novelist/Journalism/Heartfelt Poetry/etc.)

  6. Nice to meet you Hala, I found your blog today and I couldn’t stop reading and listening, your recommendations are interesting, some of the genres are new to me, anyway hope to read more of it soon.

  7. Hey there 7ala,
    I’m also Saudi, but I live in Jeddah, which is to say a little better than Riyadh :P
    You got some MAD writing skills. Fell in love with your blog. Going to follow this from here on.

    Stay creative.

  8. i cant judge if ur a good writter or not, i even dont have the ability or even right to do so but there is this project we N when i say we i mean students from around the world r working on, it involves writting,, anyway if ur intrested please contact me N give us a chance to have someone who enjoys writting on our team :)

  9. I LOVE YOU, 7ALLO! <33

    Your pieces never fail to give me goosebumps! Keep up the great work. Inti laqad amazing. ^.^

  10. i sincerely loved your blog, every bit of it. You are without hesitation a poet !!

  11. Dear 7ala,
    I am fond with your writing and style. proud to have such a person here. i myself do write, and would love to share some of my writings with you

  12. thank you Mrs. 7ala Abdullah – I read your poem “Woman” because “I am with the uprising of Woman in the Arab World” – I have got two daughters – what you wrote is – put in words – what I try to tell them, to live as an example every day – thank you so much – I live in Germany – life is so much easier here, but I cant close my eyes to my sisters destiny! I am with you – thank you so much for your poem!!!

  13. hey miss enjoyed your designed and framed picture of women. the hidden philosophy in your poetry is a bit confusing.

  14. Hello Hala,
    Where can I contact you about a special fan of yours whose birthday is coming up? We’d like you to be part of her birthday shenanigans (by sending a special video or message) We’d like to stay anonymous until you contact us due to the fact that she checks your web page a lot.

  15. i love your writing, i write a little too not as good but hope i’ll be as wonderful as you one day.

    1. Thanks so much for finding me and reaching out! I’ve just gladly filled out the form ❤️

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