My Artist Of The Week – “Terra Naomi”

The artist I choose for this week is: Terra Naomi.

I discovered Terra Naomi about 6 months ago while browsing my recommendations. I think the first song I heard of hers was “Never Quite Discussed”. It took my breath away then and it still does every time I hear it. The lyrics are so beautiful and her voice is simply enchanting. It took a while for me to find that and the rest of her songs, but when I did I can honestly say that I was hooked. Her powerful lyrics will have you addicted in no time.

My favourite song is the one I mentioned before. “Never Quite Discussed”. It still gives me goosebumps each and every time I hear it, somehow it just never seems to get old.

So let’s pretend that for a moment
we have never loved before
touch my skin
and I will kiss your lips and
we can both ignore
that feeling of wait,
what happens in time
I know this is cool for now
but I just might change my mind
and leave
you there in the dust
I know that you loved me a lot
but it was never quite discussed

From “Never Quite Discussed”

Don’t wait
Act now
This amazing offer won’t last long
It’s only a chance to pave the path we’re on
I know there are more exciting things to talk about
And in time we’ll sort it out
And in time we’ll sort it out

From “Say It’s Possible”

Enjoy the videos.

If you like her, visit her Official Website.

Or follow her on Twitter.


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