My Artist Of The Week – “The Pierces”

The artists I choose for this week are: The Pierces.

I discovered The Pierces in 2007. My sister made me hear their song “Secret” and I honestly thought it was genius! I didn’t think, however, to check out their other songs until I heard them play “Three Wishes” on Gossip Girl. The song had me mesmerized. I knew right then that if these two sisters could make two songs sound this amazing, there had to be more. And that’s when I got their album ; Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge. To say this album is flawless would be a huge understatement because there seriously isn’t even ONE song I don’t love on it. It is sweet, quirky, funny, sad, and beautiful all at the same time. I encourage all of you out there to give the whole thing a listen, and I promise you won’t regret it.

My favourite songs by them are; “Secret”, “Three Wishes”, “Tonight”, “Turn On Billie”  and “Sticks and Stones”. Although I’d have to say my #1 is probably “Three Wishes” seeing as the lyrics made me cry once or twice. The other songs on the album, however, are almost as good and definitely deserve a listen as well. I’m sure that in no time, these sisters whose existence you were probably unaware of will earn your respect and climb to the top of your favourites list with their addictive tunes. If not, then, well… sue me or whatever.

The lyrics I found most enchanting are as follows:

Sticks and stones will break your bones
And leave you lying in the mud
But you get scared when we’re alone
Like I might suck your blood
Well I could tell you a witch’s spell
But it just might blow your top
Then you start to run just as I’m having fun
And it’s awfully hard to stop
It’s awfully hard to stop

From “Sticks and Stones”

We’d be so less fragile
If we’re made from metal
And our hearts from iron
And our minds from steel
And if we built an armour
For our tender bodies
Could we love each other
Would we stop to feel

From “Three Wishes”

What were you doing in my dream last night
Well I thought I locked that door up tight,
Well it’s a mystery to me
How you keep on slippin’
In my mind…
And it’s downright dirty that this ‘ol wound
Won’t heal with time

From “Kill, Kill, Kill”

I hope you enjoy these HQ videos!

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4 thoughts on “My Artist Of The Week – “The Pierces”

  1. I love this band. I love their song (Boring) which the only song I have for this band. Thank you. You just remind me of downloading the whole album.

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