I have this need to be
The most important person
In your life
This craving,
To hear you utter the words
That without me
Nothing goes right
I wouldn’t care if I
Couldn’t reciprocate
This blinding hunger
I would be satisfied
As long as your strong heart
Upon seeing me, sinks under.

I have this need to be
The one and only reason
Your heart
Skips those beats
The only person who can cause
Your mind to
Have such beautiful dreams
I wouldn’t care if I
Never thought of you
More than once per day
The fact that I’m
Constantly on your mind
Is what I need to hear you say.

I have this need to be
The sole, painful reason
You cry every night
It’s dark of me
I know, but
Deep inside
I don’t mind
I wouldn’t care if you
Forgot about me
In a short week or two
The fact that
Once upon a time
I was
The. Most. Important. Thing.
Is what I need
To get me through.

© Copyright 7ala Abdullah


13 thoughts on “Need

  1. *sigh* It saddens me, that great poems are always mostly sad. I don’t even want to begin how much I relate to this one. I adored the part where you said “that yeah even though its dark of me to want you to cry over me, but it would still mean a lot, since the only reason someone WOULD cry, is because they care/cared for you”.

    “I was
    The. Most. Important. Thing.
    Is what I need
    To get me through.”
    Nice touch there, with the second line. <333


  2. What in the???? You have some serious issues. Seriously, how can one be so dark and self involved. Me Me Me. Love me, cry about me, remember me, think about me. Wow.

    Alright alright. I admit that was a bit harsh. I’m sorry for that. It’s just, I don’t know why would you want to be such a dark personality. And no matter what your answer is, this is not the way to deal with it. This type of shit will never change whatever pain, whatever harden ships your experiencing. Cheer up woman, write constroctive things, write happy thoughts. You don’t have to express “love” like this. This is not love. Hell, this shit is nothing healthy. You have an awesome style of writing. Why not use it in a good fun way. If you have pain in you, طاعة الله والتوكل عليه is the one and only cure. But when you come to the Internet have fun.

    Finally, I know you want to be a successfull writer, don’t you? Now, go to whatever book store you want. And look up the greatest books in there. YOU WILL NEVER find a book that is all about this Emo pain BS. But rather books with great constructive ideas. Books that are happy. Books that are meant to enertain and teach a person something valuable.

    Again, I’m sorry if I’m being harsh. It’s just that…… It pains me to see people with so much talent, just wasting it in this crap instead of actually trying to be good writers.

    Best Regards,
    Abdul Rahman.

    1. Abdul Rahman,
      As a writer, I welcome anyone and everyone’s criticism. What you have just said was neither constructive or creative or helpful in any way. Calling what I write (and what I did, once upon a time, feel) “crap” and “BS” is not nice, nor is it going to help me improve my writing. What I write might not be “entertaining” to you, but it is a way for me to release stress and to cope with problems. I might have issues, but I am not a sad, dark, or “emo” person, nor do I want love. Which is what this poem was trying to say. I know this is not love, I meant for it not to be.
      Thank you for appraising my style of writing and talent, but I shall continue to use it freely.

      1. Oh well, suit yourself. And btw, when I said “this crap” and “BS”, I didn’t mean your writing style, but rather what you write about. Now I’m not pretending to be the perfect individual. I know I can sound like an ass hole, and an inconsiderate person. That’s probably why you thought I was not creative, helpful or constrictive. But regardless of what you think, I KNOW I was trying to help you use your gift in a better way. Although apparently I have to be creative in order to do so, which is new to me lol .

        Best of luck. Because you sure do need it if you want to become a respectful famous writer, and all you write about are freakin’ singers and romantic poetry. But hey, what do I know right?

      2. Plus I’m really really sorry to hear that you have problems and feel the need to write about them. Though, I don’t think this is what you should be doing to release stress.

    2. Hello Abdul Rahman,

      Though your opinion is respected, I would just like to add my 2 cents to the matter. Correct me if I’m wrong, but poetry is one of those literary forms of art that can be interpreted in so many ways; depending on the reader.

      That’s why people who study literature in depth, especially prominent poets such as Keats, Tennyson and so on; no matter how much they try to analyze the poem, they cannot say for sure what it’s meant to represent or convey.

      Also, it is believed that trying to find the meaning of a poem and giving it a story or a reason is basically killing the poem.

      You might find it dark, or narcissistic. Others might find it hopeful or thought provoking. This is the role a poem is supposed to have. Just like a painting or a drawing, we all see it from a different perspective and it speaks to us on different levels.

      Let’s not forget that the internet is a place for people to express themselves freely. No one is obliged to educate or entertain others merely for having a blog. She is – however – obliged to be true to herself.


    1. I can’t help but interfere.

      Abdul Rahman, I know you’re trying to help and your heart is in the right place and that maybe the case but it doesn’t give you the right to demoralize 7allo and call her writing “BS”. Wishing to help just doesn’t cut it, common decency dictates that you do it nicely.

      And the generalization of the fact that self-reflective romantics and poets are not successful… That’s completely wrong! Granted, it would be nice if everyone wrote happy books and whatnot but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s tragedy in this world and no amount of “happy writing” would change that. It’s part of being human to suffer and to move on. The accusation of it not being successful is completely wrong. Because I would pay to find a piece of writing that speaks to the hardships that I go through, it’s not about happiness nor sadness. It’s about getting people to relate to you.

      And I’m pretty sure you know this, she isn’t writing for you (or me for that matter) so don’t get pissed off if it doesn’t meet your level of expectations. Would you start suing every movie company for their bad movies even when other people like them?
      If you don’t like the way she writes, the world is full of writers. And if you think that you’re doing this out of the goodness of your heart and your need to help, then don’t. (See: common decency)

      This is not a matter of (what you think is) right or wrong. If you think it’s stupid that someone writes about the music they love, there are hundreds of people who would beg to differ.
      Lastly, we all have our own way in coping with our problems. Regardless of what you might think is conventional.

    2. It amazes me how you apologize, then right after that say something like “all you write about are freakin’ singers and romantic poetry”.

      Obviously she CHOSE those two topics since they mean something to her, no one is supposed to tell her what she’s supposed to write about. Oh, and not all her poems are romantic, perhaps that’s YOUR interpretation of them!

      I think you need to learn some basic manners before spouting the nonsense you call “advice”. I’m not against harsh criticism, it’s sometimes needed. However, I’m against rude criticism that’s not backed up by a good amount of knowledge on the subject matter.

      Keep an open mind.

      1. Again, I guess you both are correct. I did want to “help”. But I should have shown that in a better, more respectful way. I didn’t mean to shit on anyone’s writing. especially 7ala’s. I guess, I just wanted to see this type of talent detecated to something more appealing.

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