My Artist Of The Week – “Vienna Teng”

The artist I choose for this week is: Vienna Teng.

I discovered Vienna Teng in 2007. I was browsing through Youtube I managed to stumble upon a ballet dancing video that used one of her songs; “Passage”. I remember thinking that it was the most beautiful and the saddest song I have ever heard in my life. Saying it touched me would be an understatement because this song made me cry like a baby the first 20 times I heard it. Its lack of music and sole concentration on Vienna’s enchanting voice makes even your eyebrow hairs stand and the heartbreaking lyrics will have you gasping with tears during the first 20 seconds of the song. I was wrong, however, to associate Vienna with heartbreak because as soon as I got a hold of her other songs, I realised that as well as having the ability to make you cry in a matter of seconds, she can also make you smile. Vienna is a truly deeply talented artist whose songs will give you chills and whose voice will make your heart flutter. I honestly think of her as one of the best singers in the whole wide world.

And it’s no surprise that not only does she have a heavenly voice, but she plays the piano so excellently she’ll have you hating her for having that much talent. Most of her songs are just a combination of her magnificent singing and beautiful piano skills. Her songs are the type you’d want to listen to to relax, feel good about yourself, and if you’re having a bad day: to cry your eyes out.

My favourite songs of hers are; “Passage”, “Gravity”, “Homecoming (Walter’s Song)”, and “The Atheist Christmas Carol”. Of course, I can honestly say all the other songs I haven’t mentioned are definitely worth the listen and are also beautiful.

I was glad to find many HD songs of hers on Youtube. I do hope – as I am sure – that you will enjoy these songs.

If you liked Vienna Teng, then check out her official website.

Or follow her on Twitter.


3 thoughts on “My Artist Of The Week – “Vienna Teng”

  1. Daaaaymn! O_O
    you weren’t exaggerating about her voice and talent! Like daaaymn! Yeah normally I would go all long talk on an
    artist, this one left me speechless! I have had some interest in piano for the past month, and this was just breath-taking fo’ shizzle! Get this, all this reaction was after hearing the first two song only!

    You should work in some kinda magazine, some people may not be open to new music, or not-that-famous artists, but after reading your review, you hit a nerve, making me REALLY want to hear ’em. I thank you for awesome music taste ma lady. Can’t wait for next week ;)

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