i cut my chest open to let you in –
this wasn’t conventional.

i’m saying
i didn’t fall in love with you –

i crashed into your infinite kindness
and broke my cynicism

shattering never felt so good.
i shed it all:

my past, what i knew to be true,
and the dark fog covering every thought

of my future. i even decorated the
tunnel with photos of us, hand-in-hand.

i turned my shiv into an olive branch
and extended it to you the minute

you said hello to me,
and i don’t regret it,

but now i have nothing left to fight with,
and the fog is in the tunnel,

and my past is living in my present,
and everything i knew to be true

is gone.
is a memory on the wall.

and i’m here, chest wide open,
without you.


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