the first time we spoke I held my hand to
my heart and promised it I wouldn’t fall
for you, swore I would avoid too much
eye contact, vowed to never lose
myself in the spaces between
your fingers.



hold me like I am whole enough to
be loved and you love me like I am
a better person than I know, and see,
I am losing my sadness to the way your
chest rises and falls when you breathe and

I understand now why
when I first said
what echoed in my mouth was

“welcome home”.


One thought on “Speak

  1. Dear Writers,

    I have just finished my Young Adult Novel , “Nobviosa The World of the Forbidden Obvious”, and it is currently being sold at Virgin Megastore Mall of Dhahran, Virgin Megastore Roshana Mall in Jeddah and Amazon.com.

    I currently live in Al Khobar. Hope I can receive your feedback. Please feel free to forward this email to interested friends

    Below is a short summary of the novel .

    Nobviosa is a place where it is a definite no to say the obvious! It’s where you may exercise your brain and figure things out in your head, but you must never state the obvious out loud. Jet, an insecure thirteen-year-old, earns his place in this fantasyland with a single creative thought. However, to avoid being banished from this world of fantasy, he must exercise the See Beyond The Obvious (SBTO) code at all times as he tackles a succession of tough assignments. Helping others gain faith in themselves as he journeys toward personal growth, he travels from a desert oasis, an island in the South Pacific, then to an ancient Phoenician city. Ending up at a butterfly farm, he realizes the insect’s developmental stages are very much like his own. To prove himself a true leader rather than being part of a team, he must spread his wings despite difficult circumstances, but unfortunately, he briefly loses his ability to think outside the box when everything, including a butterfly cause, depends on him. Will he get kicked out of Nobviosa? Faced with returning to his previous boring life, Jet digs deep and tries to break free of his cocoon of limitations. Nobviosa, The World Of The Forbidden Obvious by Francoise Eid Salameh is a novel packed with intrigue, danger, and dilemma. While working with adolescents as a journalist, the author realized many feared expressing themselves. When asked what books they had read, they would quote popular titles rather than tell the truth, and when pushed for their thoughts, they were afraid to speak out in case they didn’t share the opinions of their classmates. Enlightening, dramatic, and highly motivating, her novel is guaranteed to inspire young readers to change their attitude and become proud of their originality.


    Françoise Eid Salameh

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