Littlest Things

I see heaven in the littlest things
Long, warm hugs and paper rings
Comically shaped clouds and rainy skies
A warm cup of Chamomile and beautiful brown eyes.

I see heaven in the littlest things
Stolen glances and the end of worrying
Inside jokes and perfect hair days
That lingering smell you’d wished would stay.

I see heaven in the littlest things
Surprise kisses and the joy they bring
Endless laughs and chips and dip
Unexpected phone calls and well-scarred lips.

I see heaven in the littlest things
Fiona Apple’s music and fruity drinks
Writing for no other reason than to see you smile
Hearing you say yes when I ask you to say for a while.

I see heaven in the littlest things
Manicured hands and hilarious films
A bowl of ice cream and not having to count any sheep
Finishing this poem and getting some sleep.

© Copyright 7ala Abdullah


15 thoughts on “Littlest Things

  1. You are an AMAZING writer!
    I’ve started to see heaven in the littlest things after reading this! :D
    I love you <3

  2. Such a lovely, happy poem! :D

    It made me smile, and feel happy to be alive. Al7umdulillah.

    I love the rhyme scheme, and the poem says so much about you, and the things you love. Very relatable and very true, as it is the little things that matter.

    Keep writing <33

    1. Fatma, my love, I’m so happy to have made you smile.
      Thanks for reading this, beautiful <3 And thanks even more for liking it!
      I love you, hon :*

  3. Such a cute little poem! I can tell you were in a good mood when you wrote it (am I right?)

    I’m glad to see you’re experimenting with other topics to write about. I love what your normally write about of course. But I like that you’re taking your chance with other aspects of life to get into :)

    P.s: I’d love me a warm cup of Chamomile right now!

    1. Nousy! (Yes, that’s your name from now on)
      Haha yes, I was in a good mood! Glad it was visible ;P
      Thanks for liking it.

      AND Chamomile makes the world go round :’)

  4. I love this! I made me smile! It also made me think of all these little things that make my day, like this! Beautiful!

    I love you ♥

    1. Hala, my beautiful, I’m glad I made you smile.
      I’m sooo happy you liked it!

      I love you more, babes ♥ ♥

  5. Wow. This is such a cute and warm poem which seems to be just the perfect thing to help me make my day better

    Def fav

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