My New Favorite Poem: “Love”

So recently I bought the University of Cambridge book “Songs Of Ourselves” online for my AS Level literature exam but I never really got around to reading it because my tutor and I thought it would be better for me to study the William Wordsworth poetry book instead. And I didn’t have a problem with it, the book looked boring to say the least so I never even thought of giving it a chance. Today, for some reason I decided to give it a read. And it’s the best thing I’ve decided to do, because in it I found my new favorite poem!

Henry Baker’s poem caught my eye. Its simple title “Love” had me curious to read it because I’m always interested in how each and every poet interprets this feeling and describes it in a different way. Its honesty and beauty had my heart in a knot from the very first verse and it only got better with every word.  I’m ashamed to say I was not familiar with Henry Baker’s poetry before reading this poem but now he’s definitely on my list of favorite poets.

Now, for the beautiful piece of poetry. Again, this is Henry Baker’s work and not mine. And the verses in italics are my favorites. Let me know what you beautiful people think!

Love, by Henry Baker

Love’s an headstrong wild desire
To possess what we admire:
Hurrying on without reflecting,
All that’s just or wise neglecting.
Pain, or pleasure, it is neither,
But excess of both together;

Now, addressing, cringing, whining,
Vowing, fretting, weeping, pining,
Murmuring, languishing, and sighing,
Mad, despairing, raving, dying:
Now, caressing, laughing, toying,
Fondling, kissing, and enjoying.
Always in extremes abiding,

Without measure, fond, or chiding:
Either furious with possessing,
Or despairing of the blessing:
Now transported, now tormented;
Still uneasy; ne’er contented.

None can tell its rise, or progress,
Or its ingress, or its egress,
Whether by a look produced,
Or by sympathy infused.

Fancy does so well maintain it,
Weaker reason can’t restrain it,
But is forced to fly before it,
Or else worship and adore it.

I hope you all enjoyed it!


3 thoughts on “My New Favorite Poem: “Love”

  1. We once were intertwined
    Now i have something in mind
    Will that who inspired me
    Listen to this plea
    Read my poems
    And tell me about my shortcomings

    My heart is in pain
    It feels somwhat like a crane
    Lifting and pulling
    However not filling
    Only giving
    Giving to those who do not need
    Giving to those whole surcome to greed
    Why I do this i do not know
    I feel like somwhat like a scarecrow
    Friend only with those who do not speak
    Only being able to peak
    Peak at those who know true love
    We are stalkers
    Stalkers among men
    Which we record with a pen
    It is not that we are envious
    It that we are devious
    Devious in a way that is sick
    We are a bomb tick tick
    We will explode
    We live by no code

    1. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, really.
      If that’s your work, then I am really really impressed! It’s a beautiful poem!
      The problem is, I don’t know who you are or what’s my purpose here :c Please elaborate?
      Thank you xx

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