My Artist Of The Week – “The Autumn Film”

The artist(s) I choose for this week are: The Autumn Film.

Now, I’m willing to bet more than half of you have never heard of them. And for that, I am extremely sorry. You have been missing OUT!

I discovered “The Autumn Film” through I was browsing one day about 2 months ago and I happened to stumble upon their song; “Wreck Of Innocence”. I was mesmerized by the song that I kept playing it over and over again. I looked for it online and sadly couldn’t find a place to download it. I showed it to a friend of mine who agreed with me that it was a truly beautiful song. A week later, I couldn’t help but buy their whole album. As I listened through the album, I realised that not a single song failed to take my breath away. Everything about their music is perfect! From Tifah Al-Attas’s deep, goose-bump-inducing voice to Dann Stockton’s rhythmic drums to Reid Phillips’s amazing guitar skills, there’s not a single flaw in this trio’s unbelievably hypnotizing beats and lyrics. If you have good taste in music, I guarantee that you will have their great album “Safe and Sound” on repeat for weeks to come. I know I did!

My favourite songs have to be “Safe and Sound”, “You”, and “Can This Be”. I also recently downloaded “Heart-Shaped Box” from their website, which is basically three songs plus a video that they’re sharing for free (I’ll link you guys at the bottom) and their song “Joy” brought serious tears to my eyes.

Now, it took me a while to realise why I loved these guys so much. I figured it out when I checked out their official website. Right in their Biography, it said;

“Like a post-collegiate Fiona Apple jamming with Snow Patrol, [The Autumn Film] serves up a piano-drenched sincerity topped off with a voice that’s wise and heartbroken beyond its years”  ~The Onion

Now, anyone who knows me would know that Fiona Apple is my favourite artist ever.  Reading that made me laugh because I realised that it was actually true! Of course, that isn’t the first or the only reason for my immense appreciation for their music. These guys are true geniuses.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find many high quality songs on Youtube, but I will share what I’ve found and will also give you guys the link to their  profile on The Sixty One so you can give all their songs a listen with no charge required.

I hope (and I am sure) that you will love those guys as much as I have learned to.

The Autumn Film on

The Autumn Film Official Website:

The Autumn Film Free Song Giveaway:



5 thoughts on “My Artist Of The Week – “The Autumn Film”

  1. I love these guys!
    I’m not that good at reviewing something, but you did wonderfully. I also listened to them for about a week after I heard them for the first time!

    My favorite is “Can This Be”. :)

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words! Keep listening, we’re working on brand new stuff that we are so excited for, coming out soon!


  3. Never heard of em before.

    but there music are amazing,Loved em

    you got great taste,keep it up =] .

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