Smelling Smiles

I was right! This blog did break my block! I’ve had this idea for a story for months now, but I never got around to writing it because I was too busy with another story I’m working on. It came to my mind today, so I decided to write it down. And here it is.


I saw him again today.

He looked just the same; black, tall, heavy… faceless. And again, he just stood there. There were no features on his face, but I could almost swear he was smiling. It was as though I could… smell his smile. He, on the other hand, didn’t need to “smell” my fear. He could see it from the way my eyes grew wide and from how fast I clutched to my bed sheets and tried to move away from that side of the bed.

I tried to speak. “What do you want??” I whispered, my voice shaky and my tiny lips quivering. He moved his head closer and I let out a quiet squeal. I felt hot tears stinging my eyes. I almost expected him to answer, but of course he just stood quietly. He moved closer so that he nearly touched my face.

Then he smiled again. A smile without a face, a smile without lips. A smile I have no clue how I detected, or if I was even right about. This isn’t happening. Ghosts don’t exist. Faceless, expressionless creatures don’t exist.

I couldn’t take it any more. I closed my eyes and opened them again, wishing he would disappear, but when I opened them, he was still there. Standing – almost towering – over me, shadowing me with fear, erasing every inch of courage I was ever proud of, plucking every last bit of self-control. I felt my knees go weak and breath go short. I whispered, “Please…” through my teeth, and he put his hands on mine. He pushed them down with such strength that I thought my fingers would not only break, but get completely crushed.

I sobbed in pain, “Please… please let me go.” And he immediately pulled them away. “Please go away, please, please!” I cried. And he did.

I tried to wake myself up, even though I was breaking down. This was all a dream, of course! I have to wake up. I have to wake up.

Why can’t I wake up?

© Copyright 7ala Abdullah


6 thoughts on “Smelling Smiles

  1. WOMAN! 7ALA! I fucking love you! <3 …seriously…i was literally talking …actually yelling to myself "WHY CANT SHE WAKE UP!!!:O " …that my dad asked me to shut up. xD …But seriously..amazing description…I mean Smelling smiles…just gave me the shivers. You do realize you cant keep me hanging, I will be stalking for updates ;)

  2. Loved the smelling the smile part! Very creative.. Reminded of a book I read called Blindness.

    Keep ’em coming hun! Well done! :D

  3. Excellent writing. Very enjoyable to read and made me want more. Keep going with it! (o:

  4. This is disturbing.

    Disturbing doesn’t mean bad. Because you managed to evoke a feeling, I’d say you’ve done a excellent job. Art, poetry and such things are usually up for interpretation. What this means to you, might mean something completely different to me. Most of all, I just loved how I could relate to it, in my own way.

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