Keep On Building

I built these walls around my heart
When I couldn’t stand how much you were tearing it apart
I couldn’t see the flaws in this plan, I didn’t think it through
I didn’t know it meant losing everyone else to be protected from you

I built this armour around my body
When your simple touch began to hurt me badly
I can’t take it off now, and I can’t even begin
To describe how painful it is not being able to let anyone in

I built these sheilds against my eyes
When I couldn’t stand to see you see me in this disguise
And now I can’t see beauty, I can’t see the sky
And it’s all because I couldn’t stand to see you smile

I built a new lock on my bedroom door
When nothing could stop me from getting to you anymore
I locked it twice and swallowed the key
When I thought you didn’t want anything more to do with me

I keep on building, but it’s hurting still
The more I do it, the more it’s against my will
I’ve managed to shut you out, that much is true
But now I look around, and it’s not only you

You’re the sole purpose of my isolation
Yet you’re still vividly alive in my imagination
In pursuit of ridding myself of you
I seem to have driven everyone else away from me, too.

© Copyright 7ala Abdullah


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