New Beginnings by 7ala Abdullah

We awaken each morning to a clean slate.

Every step we take either blots it or purifies it further. But it doesn’t matter; it never matters. When we close our eyes at the end of the day, it all fades away. We wake up again to a blinding whiteness. New day, new choices. New life. But some things aren’t so easy to erase. Some things stick with us day in and day out. Some things can’t be fixed by the simple act of closing our eyes. Some things are permenant – or at least more long-lasting than others. Some things leave a huge disgusting stain on our lives that we are powerless to clean.

I try to shrug you off but you’ve never left my shoulders. I’ve never been alone, but there’s a certain death that comes along with being left behind. I’m left in this godless place and you’re no where to be found.

You used to be so caged and I used to be so free and now I feel like irony’s having a laugh at our expense. You’re finding out how it feels like to have wings and I’m finding out how it feels to have my wings cut off. You’ve set out on this new adventure; all excitement and spontaneity, and I seem to have made a home of this painful rut I’ve found myself stuck in.

Would you save some room for me in case I get to fly again? Because like the tide to the moon, I’ll always be drawn to you. You’ve shined down on me in the darkest hours and now I’m left in the black come sunset.

Would you have stayed, had I asked?

Should I have asked?

It feels like this is where it all stops. When I open my eyes every morning, your beautiful face sits stubbornly on my canvas. I long for the days when it used to be all white, all clean.


But I still long for you. And maybe this isn’t an end.


© Copyright 7ala Abdullah


8 thoughts on “New Beginnings by 7ala Abdullah

  1. Great post you got here. I agree with you and will definitely look forward to your coming updates. Thank you and keep the great work up. It would be great to read something a bit more concerning this matter.

  2. I teared up coz I had something on my mind since yesterday, so yeah your post touched me in away!

    I miss reading you <3
    cant wait to read more from you :D

  3. You know how when we learned english in school, they told us to stick to the rules? No two worded sentences, no repetition, don’t start consecutive sentences with the same word, don’t do this, don’t do that and so on? Remember how we would look up at the teacher and tell her that, when we read books, prose and poetry, writers always seem to do what we’re asked not to do. The teacher would look back at us and reply with a simple answer, “When you become as great of a write as they are, feel free to take all the creative control you want.”

    You, my friends, are a great writer. Wonderful use of repetition, brilliant word choice and I absolutely loved the moon metaphor. I actually loved it so much, I found myself wanting to quote it. This is an amazing heart felt piece, and because it is, it’s very easy to relate to. Good job.

    1. I’m… speechless! I don’t know how to reply to that!

      I don’t think a simple “thank you” is enough, you need to know you’ve made my day – possibly even my summer!

      That means so much to me. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.


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