My Artist Of The Week – “Tristan Prettyman”

The artist I choose for this week is: Tristan Prettyman.

I discovered Tristan Prettyman roughly about a year ago. I was listening to my recommendations (again, when they were free!) and I happened to stumble upon her song “Don’t Work Yourself Up”. I remember thinking her voice was so beautiful and even though I couldn’t catch most of the lyrics, the ones I did took my breath away. I tried to get a hold of some of her other songs, and the next one I heard was “Hello”, and I was so amused by the honest lyrics, the catchy tunes and her mesmerizing voice. It didn’t take too long for me to get completely obsessed with her.

There are two things I love most about her music. 1; her unique voice – which is unlike any other voice I’m attracted to. Usually; softer and sweeter voices catch my attention, but Tristan’s voice is so deep and beautiful that I couldn’t even think of not falling in love with it. 2; her from-the-heart lyrics. Tristan Prettyman doesn’t sing about anything and everything. What she sings about is honest, true, and deep feelings. Unlike many artists, this doesn’t mean all her songs are depressing! You can listen to her music, and it can make you happy, sad, and hyper all at the same time!

My top favourite songs of hers are “Don’t Work Yourself Up” and “Hello”, both from her album “Hello..x”. And the lyrics I love the most are these;

I know there’s no use for
Trying harder I got to
Gage and barter to get out

‘Cause baby you start and then you stop
And my heart beats big before it drops
And I don’t know what’s to do

From “Hello”

I might run off at any given time
Don’t leave no notes there ain’t no reason to lie
Guess I haven’t found what I’m looking for
Can’t keep my hands to myself
Or my eyes off the door

From “Don’t Work Yourself Up”

So you write the title
And I’ll write the chapters
We can read a story of a love gone disaster
You write the moral
And I’ll write the lesson
And we can read a love that kept us guessing

From “The Story”

Unfortunately, the only HQ videos I found of hers were fan videos, so please ignore the video and just listen to the music! (Unless you’re a Harry Potter/Twilight fan!!! xD)

If you liked her, visit her Official Website.

Or follow her on Twitter.


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