It would have been easier if I
Loved you with just my heart
For what difference does it make if only
One part of me died?
As opposed to my whole body
(My head, my hands, my lungs and my eyes)
Falling helplessly apart
I’d give anything to love you
With just my heart

It would have been easier if I
Touched you with just my hand
For it would be easier to forget
Something that simple
As opposed to touching you
With my heart and my head
A touch like that I simply can’t forget
I’d give anything to touch you
With just my hand

It would have been easier if I
Saw you with just my eyes
For I would have nothing to compare you with
Other than the moon and the skies
As opposed to seeing you
And seeing what was behind
Those big brown eyes
I’d give anything to see you
With just my eyes

It would have been easier if I
Simply never met you
For I wouldn’t be in this
Completely shattered state of mind
As opposed to my current condition
Of tears, lies, and fake smiles
Those cold, dreary nights
I’d give anything to pretend
That we were never You and I.

© Copyright 7ala Abdullah


3 thoughts on “Just

  1. This would make really REALLY good lyrics! D:
    I missed your poetry <3
    It does look familiar though, was it on webook, or I might be hallucinating again. Overall lovely :')

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