My Artist Of The Week – “Nerina Pallot”

The artist I choose for this week is: Nerina Pallot.

I discovered Nerina Pallot in the early 2007’s. I don’t even remember how it was I came across her, but I remember that the first song I heard of hers; “Everybody’s Gone To War” left me in awe. The music was very happy, but the lyrics were thought-provoking and really oh-so-beautiful. The tune was stuck in my head in no time, and I was humming it for days before I realised that if she could make a song so good, she probably has more, doesn’t she? I downloaded some of her music from her albums “Dear Frustrated Superstar” and “Fires”, and I was hooked on her breathtaking voice. I remember thinking I wish I could sing like her.

What I like about Nerina the most is probably her voice. The way she sings captures the hardest of hearts, and the music she plays can have goosebumps on your whole body in a matter of seconds.

I’m not very familiar with her recent music, I only just got her new album “The Graduate” the day before yesterday, and I can honestly say I love what I heard from it. Give it a listen and I’m sure you won’t regret it. As for the lyrics, here are my favourite;


Sophia, Sophia, I’m burning, I’m burning
It’s a fire, a fire I cannot put out.
Sophia, Sophia, I’m learning that some things
I can’t go without
And one of those is him.

And now I walk these streets like a stranger in my home town,
Learn the language, form the words when I speak.
But he changed me, I’m his ghost since he came around
Now I count the hours, and the days and the weeks…..
In passion and silence,
Every word, every line a measure
It’s the science of the soul.

From “Sophia”.

But don’t presume to know shit about me
‘Cause I don’t know myself
From one day to the next
And I don’t pose perplexities purposely

From “Geek Love”.

If love is a drug, then I guess we’re all sober,
If hope is a song then I guess it’s all over,
How to have faith, when faith is a crime?
I don’t want to die…
If God’s on our side, then God is a joker,
Asleep on the job, his children fall over,
Running out through the door and straight to the sky,
I don’t want to die…

From “Everybody’s Gone To War”.

Enjoy these HQ videos I was so glad to find on YouTube. :)

If you liked her, then visit her Official Website.

Or follow her on Twitter.


One thought on “My Artist Of The Week – “Nerina Pallot”

  1. Her voice and musical style reminds me a bit of (the early) Sheryl Crow. I love Everybody’s Gone to War! I remember when it first came out on youtube. It’s so funny and the lyrics gave me chills. This is my first time to listen to Sophia such a warm and beautiful song. I must download the album now. Inshalllah I’ll find it. Well done 7all0 u did a great job as usual. Keep it up the good work. And oh this is my favorite line :
    “The way she sings captures the hardest of hearts, and the music she plays can have goosebumps on your whole body in a matter of seconds.” <3

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