I Write.

I can write about flowers
And birds and bees
And the way the sun’s rays
Shine through the trees
I can write about freedom
And fulfilment, and smiles
And lovers still strong
Despite separating miles

I can write about joy
And selflessness, and sanity
And lifelong commitments
To the good of humanity
I can write about good friends
Who are loyal and true
And other halves who will always
No matter what, be loving you

But I choose to write about
Heartache, and tears, and lies
And self-doubt, and loneliness
And friendships gone awry
I write about disappointments
And heartbreaking insanity
Not because I enjoy them
But because this is reality

I write about one-sided loves
And long, sleepless nights
And the feeling of emptiness
And the absence of light
I write about sadness
That captivates your every breath
I write about the pain
That follows every inevitable death

I’m not a sad, dark person
These things aren’t all I feel
But when I write I feel obliged
To write about what is real
I don’t write so you would smile
Or so I can hear you laugh
I write so you can relate to what is true
And what is indeed happening in this life

You might not like the sadness
That flows from my words
Or the never-ending madness
That my writing observes
I write because I feel
And not only happiness
I write because it is relieving to feel that
You are not alone in your tragedies.

© Copyright 7ala Abdullah


12 thoughts on “I Write.

  1. Wow ..

    very powerful in using the words..

    I write so you can relate to what is true
    And what is indeed happening in this life

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. It made my heart beat faster.
    This, to me, is the most raw piece of yours I’ve read so far. It’s perfect! Keep writing, 7allo. <3

  3. And THAT is why I love your work. Reality, no lies, no delusions, no sugar coating, nothing. Just plain reality, the way it is felt, the way it is. Happiness is a illusion to some, sadness is reality to most. That’s the way things are. But looking at the bright side, at least we haven’t lost our humanity, at least we do not fake being all happy-jolly-merry. il zibda I love this, it really speaks out, just like all your work. .>

      1. Good move in removing the Ahem I wrote, I posted it and went “OH-daymn-what-did-I-do” xD

        You are awesome too DAMMIT! <33

  4. You took the words out of my heart. That’s wonderful 7alla.
    Writing is the perfect thing for stress relief. Keep it up (Y)

  5. hehehe I see what you did there :p. A whole poem as a reply to what I said. Nice.

    Alright, that’s it. I promise I’ll never troll your blog again. It’s just too dark & gloomy for my taste. Good luck.

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