The Creature That…

I know it’s not beating
It must be hard having something
Just laying there in your chest
So why don’t you just confess?
Because it’s plain to see
I can tell those eyes are insincere
I try to look away
Though I wish they’d burn a hole through me
But instead they look right past me
This feeling of invisibility
Is something I know professionally

It’s strange to feel
Your fingers curling around mine
It’s the first time
That I feel a skin so rough
And it isn’t enough
That the skin that obviously
Wasn’t made to be felt
Wasn’t made to be held
Makes my own skin melt
It’s the first time I’ve dealt
With a creature like you
So heartless, and yet
You make my heart beat fast

It seems as though
You’re using my heart
Because yours won’t start.

© Copyright 7ala Abdullah


5 thoughts on “The Creature That…

  1. Beautiful.. just beautiful..
    I love your words .. so honest!

    this really brought me to tears!

    your blog joined my “awesome blogs I read” in my blog..

    im a fan of yours now @7allo ^_^

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