My Artist Of The Week – “Marina & The Diamonds”

The artist I choose for this week is: Marina & The Diamonds.

I discovered Marina & The Diamonds a little over a month ago. As usual, it happened when I was searching for new artists on The first song I heard of hers was “Girls”, and as much as I thought it was catchy, I also thought it would be a song I would get bored of after one or two listens. I was right. For a little while, anyway. Because a little after that, I downloaded some of her other songs, and God, it took some time, but I was finally strongly addicted to her and her music. Marina’s songs have such a strong effect on me, they always seem to cheer me up. A month ago, I had no idea who she was, and now she’s #9 on my charts, and I have no doubt that she will keep on rising. She’s bound to, since all I listen to is her.

Marina’s music can be best described as quirky. The catchy beats and thought-provoking lyrics will have you jumping up and singing along in no time. Her voice is deep, beautiful and undeniably unique. It will be very easy to fall in love with her, and then her music will be all you crave to hear.

My favourite songs of hers are: “Obsessions”, “Mowgli’s Road”, and “I Am Not A Robot”. And the lyrics I love the most are as follows:

Look like a girl but I think like a guy
Not ladylike to behave like a slime
Easy to be sleazy when you’ve got a filthy mind
You stick to your yoghurts
I’ll stick to my apple pie

From “Girls”

Sunday, wake up, give me a cigarette.
Last night�s love affair is looking vulnerable in my bed
Silk sheet, blue dawn, Colgate, tongue warm
Won�t you quit your crying? I can�t sleep
One minute I�m a little sweetheart
And next minute you are an absolute creep

From “Obsessions”

You’re vulnerable, you’re vulnerable
You are not a robot
You’re loveable, so loveable
But you’re just troubled

From “I Am Not A Robot”

I’ll have to admit that I have an unhealthy obsession and a huge crush on her :P When you give her music a listen, you’ll know why!

I was glad to find her actual video clips on Youtube. Everything about them is amazing. Enjoy!

If you like her, check out her Official Website.

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My Artist Of The Week – “Florence + The Machine”

The artist I choose for this week is: Florence + The Machine.

I discovered Florence + The Machine roughly about two months ago. I needed some new music so I went through my recommended artists and she was one of them. I downloaded her song “Dog Days Are Over” first, to see if she was really worth downloading more. I listened to it once. I listened to it twice. I listened to it thrice, and I was addicted. I downloaded one more song of hers – “You’ve Got The Love” – just to make sure she wasn’t a one-hit-wonder before I went on a music spree. And when I listened to it, that’s when I was convinced that Florence would easily and inevitably rise to my top artists. So here she is today, #7 on my “Last 3 Months” charts.

Florence’s music is beautiful and catchy. The unique beats and lyrics will have you dancing with joy at one song and sighing with agony at another. Florence will make you feel however it was she felt when she wrote the song, she has a crazy way of pushing her own emotions through your head, making you feel as though they were your own. Some songs of hers may take a little while for you to like, but in the end, all of her songs will grow on you. You won’t be able to fight it.

My favourite songs of hers are: “Dog Days Are Over”, “Blinding”, “Girl With One Eye”, and “Between Two Lungs”. Each song has a different theme and will make you feel completely different from the other.

Here are the lyrics that most caught my attention:

Seems that I have been held, in some dreaming state
A tourist in the waking world, never quite awake
No kiss, no gentle word could wake me from this slumber
Until I realise that it was you who held me under

From “Blinding”

Happiness hit her like a train on a track
Coming towards her stuck still no turning back
She hid around corners and she hid under beds
She killed it with kisses and from it she fled
With every bubble she sank with her drink
And washed it away down the kitchen sink

From “Dog Days Are Over”

I took a knife and cut out her eye
I took it home and watched it wither and die
Well, she’s lucky that I didn’t slip her a smile
That’s why she sleeps with one eye open
That’s the price she paid

From “Girl With One Eye”

Luckily, I was able to find many HQ videos on YouTube. I do hope you enjoy them!

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My Artist Of The Week – “The Pierces”

The artists I choose for this week are: The Pierces.

I discovered The Pierces in 2007. My sister made me hear their song “Secret” and I honestly thought it was genius! I didn’t think, however, to check out their other songs until I heard them play “Three Wishes” on Gossip Girl. The song had me mesmerized. I knew right then that if these two sisters could make two songs sound this amazing, there had to be more. And that’s when I got their album ; Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge. To say this album is flawless would be a huge understatement because there seriously isn’t even ONE song I don’t love on it. It is sweet, quirky, funny, sad, and beautiful all at the same time. I encourage all of you out there to give the whole thing a listen, and I promise you won’t regret it.

My favourite songs by them are; “Secret”, “Three Wishes”, “Tonight”, “Turn On Billie”  and “Sticks and Stones”. Although I’d have to say my #1 is probably “Three Wishes” seeing as the lyrics made me cry once or twice. The other songs on the album, however, are almost as good and definitely deserve a listen as well. I’m sure that in no time, these sisters whose existence you were probably unaware of will earn your respect and climb to the top of your favourites list with their addictive tunes. If not, then, well… sue me or whatever.

The lyrics I found most enchanting are as follows:

Sticks and stones will break your bones
And leave you lying in the mud
But you get scared when we’re alone
Like I might suck your blood
Well I could tell you a witch’s spell
But it just might blow your top
Then you start to run just as I’m having fun
And it’s awfully hard to stop
It’s awfully hard to stop

From “Sticks and Stones”

We’d be so less fragile
If we’re made from metal
And our hearts from iron
And our minds from steel
And if we built an armour
For our tender bodies
Could we love each other
Would we stop to feel

From “Three Wishes”

What were you doing in my dream last night
Well I thought I locked that door up tight,
Well it’s a mystery to me
How you keep on slippin’
In my mind…
And it’s downright dirty that this ‘ol wound
Won’t heal with time

From “Kill, Kill, Kill”

I hope you enjoy these HQ videos!

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My Artist Of The Week – “Vienna Teng”

The artist I choose for this week is: Vienna Teng.

I discovered Vienna Teng in 2007. I was browsing through Youtube I managed to stumble upon a ballet dancing video that used one of her songs; “Passage”. I remember thinking that it was the most beautiful and the saddest song I have ever heard in my life. Saying it touched me would be an understatement because this song made me cry like a baby the first 20 times I heard it. Its lack of music and sole concentration on Vienna’s enchanting voice makes even your eyebrow hairs stand and the heartbreaking lyrics will have you gasping with tears during the first 20 seconds of the song. I was wrong, however, to associate Vienna with heartbreak because as soon as I got a hold of her other songs, I realised that as well as having the ability to make you cry in a matter of seconds, she can also make you smile. Vienna is a truly deeply talented artist whose songs will give you chills and whose voice will make your heart flutter. I honestly think of her as one of the best singers in the whole wide world.

And it’s no surprise that not only does she have a heavenly voice, but she plays the piano so excellently she’ll have you hating her for having that much talent. Most of her songs are just a combination of her magnificent singing and beautiful piano skills. Her songs are the type you’d want to listen to to relax, feel good about yourself, and if you’re having a bad day: to cry your eyes out.

My favourite songs of hers are; “Passage”, “Gravity”, “Homecoming (Walter’s Song)”, and “The Atheist Christmas Carol”. Of course, I can honestly say all the other songs I haven’t mentioned are definitely worth the listen and are also beautiful.

I was glad to find many HD songs of hers on Youtube. I do hope – as I am sure – that you will enjoy these songs.

If you liked Vienna Teng, then check out her official website.

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My Artist Of The Week – “Holly Brook”

The artist I choose for this week is: Holly Brook.

I discovered Holly Brook sometime around January 2009 while listening to my recommendations (back when it was free!!!). I remember because I was in Stockholm at the time visiting my sister when I first heard my favourite song of hers; “Still Love”. I was blown away by her beautiful voice at first, then I started to listen to the lyrics and I fell in love wholeheartedly. Her voice is just…  indescribable, almost! And her songs are so soft and calm. It took me a day to get her whole album -“Like Blood Like Honey”- and mere minutes to fall in love with each and every song on it.

“Like Blood Like Honey” is extraordinarily catchy to say the least. It’s the kind of album you’d wanna listen to after a rough day or a bad break-up. The lyrics are deep and moving and the music just kind of takes you somewhere else. It was like one day I didn’t know who Holly was, and the next she was #7 on my top artists. #7 of 597 artists in total. That’s quite an achievement.

My favourite songs of hers are “Like Blood Like Honey”, “Still Love”, “Heavy”, “Saturdays” and “What I Wouldn’t Give”.  And the lyrics I love the most are:

You drank a bit down
Spilled the rest of it in me
And that’s the minute I let go
Your direction
With the bending of the light
If I remember it right
It carried on just fine
But tonight I will cry myself to sleep

From “Still Love”

Now I’ve come to cry
Shed your skin to rest my naked eye
And criticize
All that I implore
Seems to be one foot outside that door
Coming between me and waking

From “Heavy”

You want to catch your breath
You want to get out
but as you surface you don’t really know how
How to live upon the solid ground
Well sometimes it’s just easier to let yourself drown

From “Like Blood Like Honey”

I hope you enjoy these videos… I couldn’t find that many HQ ones on Youtube:

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