You have to understand, even this isn’t enough.

We say it would never happen to us.

I had said it would never happen to me –
I had said it would never happen;
I had said someone like you would never
happen to someone like me,
so when you did,

I did not believe you.
When you did,
I did not understand the physics of you
being drawn to someone like me.

When you did, I fell and ever since I
fell for you,
I’ve been clumsy.

And you are all heart,
all sincerity,
and I am half myself and
half your lover

and let me tell you, let me swear
this to you: there is so much more of you
underneath my skin than there is contained
in yours

and I have never been so comfortable
having so much of myself outside of
me, but something about you says

it has all always belonged with you
anyways. And you, you are the opposite
of everything I grew up believing I was:

you are kind, and you are selfless,
and you are pure, and you are so,
so beautiful. And ever since you

happened, you have been making me
into someone worthy of revelling
in this.