It looks like a hole from afar – just a hole – but you’ll fall into it and it’ll be your grave.

It’s true, I’ve seen it myself. I’ve tread this road and I’ve ended up in more coffins than I can count.

Insincere? Never. I say it like it is.

They told me not to jump but I’m tired of sitting still and my legs really need to get some air.

Take a walk. Find a map and draw a line.

It’s too civilized, too conventional; too human for me to consider.

I’m drawing my own maps. My lines are crooked, but they’ll get me places. My hands will make music as I run and my lips will shout out what they’ve always wanted to sing.

I’m jumping into six feet of torn-out Earth, but I’m flying out of it with more life than I’ve ever known.

Believe me, mistakes are more beautiful than you’ve been led to believe.