I don’t feel it anymore.
There’s no sense of belonging like there was before.

I no longer have the energy to mourn;
What is dead and has long been gone.

I don’t mind it like I used to;
The loneliness and the lack of virtue.

I no longer have it in me to feel,
That blessed curse has lost its appeal.

I don’t experience common emotions;
Regret, righteousness, and devotion.

I no longer miss their presence,
Their absence has proved to be a blessing.

© Copyright 7ala Abdullah



There is no beauty in the struggle
And no pleasure in the pain
Just pain and struggle
And suffering
When it hurts, no amount
Of wise words will make it heal
When it kills, no amount
Of daydreaming will make it unreal
And when you fall,
Only then will you find out you’re on your own
Because when you’re standing tall
Your pride blinds you to the reality that you’re alone.

There is no light at the end of tunnels
And no silver lining to any cloud
Just a cloud and a tunnel
And a silent crowd
Because when you’re lost, you will find
That there’s no one to guide you to safety
And when you’re scared, you will find
That there’s no one to lead you back to sanity
Because the crowd that around you stood
Through the good and happy times
Come bad days,
Disappeared fast like the snow in summertime.

There’s no truth to the belief that
“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”
Because once you reach that point
All you would want is for it to be over
Because when you’re so close to death
And you feel it in your bones
You stop wondering
When all the pain will be gone
And when you’re standing all alone,
Hand shaking over your heart
Organs bleeding on their own
You’ll wish that what didn’t make you stronger will finally kill you.

© Copyright 7ala Abdullah

Thank You.

I’ve always felt this way but I guess it’s time to get it all out and verbalize it.

I love you. Yes, you, the one reading this post right now. Without you, I would have stopped writing a long time ago. You keep me motivated. Your comments and input mean the world to me.

You guys are amazing for sticking with me through my ups and downs, my sad poems and my happy poems, my tear-jerking stories and my thought-provoking ones. You’re amazing for believing in me. You’re amazing for showing your interest. You’re amazing for asking me not to give up every time I feel it’s time to. You’re amazing for taking the time to read my bullshit. You’re amazing for noticing when I haven’t written for a while. You’re amazing for recognizing which of my pieces are fiction and which aren’t. You’re amazing for calling yourselves my fans. You’re amazing for being my fans. You guys make me smile. Each and every one of you.

What I’m trying to say is; thank you for being who you are. If it weren’t for you, there would be no Soaked In Words.

And if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

I love you all and I appreciate your efforts to help me improve and I appreciate your existence from the bottom of my heart .

Thank you so very much for being your amazing selves.

My New Favorite Poem: “Love”

So recently I bought the University of Cambridge book “Songs Of Ourselves” online for my AS Level literature exam but I never really got around to reading it because my tutor and I thought it would be better for me to study the William Wordsworth poetry book instead. And I didn’t have a problem with it, the book looked boring to say the least so I never even thought of giving it a chance. Today, for some reason I decided to give it a read. And it’s the best thing I’ve decided to do, because in it I found my new favorite poem!

Henry Baker’s poem caught my eye. Its simple title “Love” had me curious to read it because I’m always interested in how each and every poet interprets this feeling and describes it in a different way. Its honesty and beauty had my heart in a knot from the very first verse and it only got better with every word.  I’m ashamed to say I was not familiar with Henry Baker’s poetry before reading this poem but now he’s definitely on my list of favorite poets.

Now, for the beautiful piece of poetry. Again, this is Henry Baker’s work and not mine. And the verses in italics are my favorites. Let me know what you beautiful people think!

Love, by Henry Baker

Love’s an headstrong wild desire
To possess what we admire:
Hurrying on without reflecting,
All that’s just or wise neglecting.
Pain, or pleasure, it is neither,
But excess of both together;

Now, addressing, cringing, whining,
Vowing, fretting, weeping, pining,
Murmuring, languishing, and sighing,
Mad, despairing, raving, dying:
Now, caressing, laughing, toying,
Fondling, kissing, and enjoying.
Always in extremes abiding,

Without measure, fond, or chiding:
Either furious with possessing,
Or despairing of the blessing:
Now transported, now tormented;
Still uneasy; ne’er contented.

None can tell its rise, or progress,
Or its ingress, or its egress,
Whether by a look produced,
Or by sympathy infused.

Fancy does so well maintain it,
Weaker reason can’t restrain it,
But is forced to fly before it,
Or else worship and adore it.

I hope you all enjoyed it!

Littlest Things

I see heaven in the littlest things
Long, warm hugs and paper rings
Comically shaped clouds and rainy skies
A warm cup of Chamomile and beautiful brown eyes.

I see heaven in the littlest things
Stolen glances and the end of worrying
Inside jokes and perfect hair days
That lingering smell you’d wished would stay.

I see heaven in the littlest things
Surprise kisses and the joy they bring
Endless laughs and chips and dip
Unexpected phone calls and well-scarred lips.

I see heaven in the littlest things
Fiona Apple’s music and fruity drinks
Writing for no other reason than to see you smile
Hearing you say yes when I ask you to say for a while.

I see heaven in the littlest things
Manicured hands and hilarious films
A bowl of ice cream and not having to count any sheep
Finishing this poem and getting some sleep.

© Copyright 7ala Abdullah