I Don’t: Chapter Three

– Present –

It was almost two summers ago when she asked. At first, I didn’t think of the gravity of the whole situation.

I remember her coming home to me, crying. Her mascara had left trails of black disbelief down her cheeks – her eyes were overflowing with pain. She ran to me to seek comfort and I held her, not really knowing what I was supposed to do.

She trembled in my arms and I could barely make out what she was trying to say to me. “On the news!” I made out from her incomprehensible speech. “Innocent” was another word I heard, and right after that she whispered “You do believe me, right?” pleadingly. She stared at me with eyes full of hurt and hope.

I couldn’t understand what was going on. I tried, but her sobbing was too loud for me and I couldn’t connect the dots. I nodded yes to comfort her.

She smiled at me – a broken smile, but it was a smile nonetheless – and freed herself from my grip. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She grabbed a napkin from the table and wiped her tears and running nose. “We’ll be okay, right?” She asked. She was so composed now (it took her only a matter of seconds to regain her posture) and I heard her perfectly.

“Yes, baby. We will be just fine. Trust me.”

“And you’ll fix this, right? You’ll fix it, won’t you?”

I smiled warmly at her and held both her hands in mine. “I will, baby. Please, just stop worrying. Now, tell you what… You go to bed and get some sleep, alright? I’ll deal with this. Don’t you worry.”

She leaned over and gave me a soft kiss. “Thank you. I know you’re the best lawyer out there, Leo. I know you can help him.” She then proceeded to walk up the stairs and into our bedroom.

I remember standing there, confused, wondering what it was exactly that I had signed up for. I had decided that calling her mother was probably the best shot I had of finding out exactly what had happened. I dialled her number.

Mrs.King answered me weeping. I asked her what was wrong.

“It’s George, Leo.” She’d said.

“He’s been arrested for murder.”

© Copyright 7ala Abdullah

14 thoughts on “I Don’t: Chapter Three

  1. Things are starting to get really interesting here! Dont keep us hanging for too long.

    Oh and ” trails of black disbelief” <—loved it!

    Awesome as usual. I expect chapter 4 tonight ;P

    1. Nouuus :D I’m glad you liked it!
      Inshallah I’ll get working on the next chapter as soooon as I can!

  2. 7allooo why are you doing this to me?! i want chapter four PLZ
    The ending is so intriguing, if this was a book I would be reading on till my eyes get tired.

  3. If I ask you to write tomorrow, will you write again? Please?

    This is very unlike Haylie, but this reminds me of it, as in I could simply not wait to read the next part. It was so much fun reading it all in one go. xD

    Keep writing love.


    1. Fatma, you are the definition of awesomeness!
      I dedicate this chapter to you, my darling <3

  4. Beautiful.

    I loved it. You just keep getting better and better. SHARE! I cannot wait for chapter four! You’re awesome <3;*


  5. Wow! I’m so hooked to this series! 7allo, you are blessed with a great talent masha’allah! I wish I can write like this. Keep up the great babes! ;)

    Looking forward to the new chapters. ;*

    1. My darling Manal,
      I’m speechless 9ara7a :*
      It means a lot that you took the time and that you actually liked it :’D
      I hope the next chapters don’t disappoint!!

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