I Don’t: Chapter One

There was too much chemistry between us. Even as we were standing amongst hundreds of people, I still felt the shameless urge to pull her to me and wrap my tongue around hers. At times I was able to control myself, but at others it really proved to be the hardest thing in the world.

She stared at me, eyes full of anxiety and optimism. They were perfectly made-up, she had a thin line of eyeliner stretching out on her top eyelid and just a touch of it on her bottom one. Her brown hair fell just beneath her shoulders – it was neither straightened nor curled, her simplicity would not allow her to put too much effort into it for fear of seeming snobbish. It fell on her shoulders in waves. Beautiful waves that never needed too much work to look perfect.

I looked at her hand, still entranced by her perfection. I heard nothing, only saw the way her eyes spoke to me. They asked me a question and without hesitation I answered; “I do”. She smiled and a few seconds later I read her lips mouthing the same words I had just spoken.

I held her hand tight in mine, thumb slowly caressing her palm. I could feel her hands shake and yet when I looked at her face she maintained a look so composed and fearless. My eyes fell on hers again and she smiled at me. She gave my hand a little squeeze and I saw what might have been a small trace of a tear forming in her eyes.

I looked to my left where rows and rows of people sat staring quietly. I noticed that they all had that same optimism in their eyes as Allison did. They were all staring with hope and love, happiness and excitement. I looked back at my Allison, still unable to hear any words that might be spoken around me.

…Mister and Missus Darque!

Allison’s eyes were flooded with tears now, she held her hand up to her face and kissed the ring I’d just placed on her slim finger. She seemed to move in slow motion to me, her smile bright and larger-than-life, her happiness was visible and seemed to be seeping into me. It was then I heard the words I longed for the most.

…You may now kiss the bride.

I grabbed her from her waist and pulled her to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I pressed my lips against hers. As I kissed her, I felt the world around me come to life. I was awoken from the trance I was in.

I heard the two hundred guests roar in applause.

I heard my mother shout; “That’s enough kissing now, Leo!”.

I heard Allison’s little sister scream; “Woohoo,  go, sis!”.

And I heard her whispering; “I love you.” into my mouth. Nothing could have tasted sweeter than those words.

© Copyright 7ala Abdullah

8 thoughts on “I Don’t: Chapter One

  1. The fact that this made me think of marriage is quite enough to describe how much I feel about this chapter; and I never think about marriage. Lovely! Even though we don’t get married that way, it was lovely. :’3

    PS: LEO is one sexy beast’s name! <3

  2. I’ll read chapter 2 now MARA t7amast!
    this chapter made me hold my breath and when they said “i do” and kissed i was smiling <3

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